Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

steroidssource.com is the official online store offering bodybuilding products for  from leading international manufacturers: anabolic steroids, HGH, etc.

Meanwhile, one should highlight that our company does not advertise or encourage the use of such drugs. It is up to a customer to decide whether to buy and take them. All the descriptions, instructions, feedback or other materials, which are published or distributed via this source, are meant for general information only. They should not be treated as a piece of medical advice or an advertisement. We insist that you should obligatory see a doctor before taking any anabolic steroids and get his approval and recommendations. It is well-known that uncontrolled and unsupervised consumption of such products can lead to negative health consequences, and some of them may turn out to be severe and irreversible.

Restrictions on the consumption of anabolic steroids may differ dramatically, depending on the country. If taking such drugs for non-medical purposes is not allowed by the law in your place of residence, refrain from buying them. It is your duty as a citizen to study the laws of your country and stick to them.

    1. If you are going to view this platform or use any of the functions, the compulsory condition is to get acquainted with all our rules and to stick to them

Scrutinize these regulations thoroughly at once after you come to this source for the first time. By staying on this source, you accept all the rules and confirm that you are 21 years old already. You are expected and demanded to observe every single point, whether you have studied all of them or not.

    1. Both users and viewers should accept all the updates published on this page as well

We can introduce changes to these rules at any moment at our sole convenience and judgement without prior or subsequent notice, if that is needed for our interests. All the innovations will be displayed on this page, so, be sure to look through it on a regular basis. To find out whether there are any updates introduced, see the revision date.

    1. We will not take any responsibility for any harm related to the use of this store

If you make a decision to keep on viewing our materials or using this platform in any other way, you are expected to take all the risks. None of the members of our team will compensate you for any damages or losses.

    1. Our source is offered to you as it is

None of the members of our team can guarantee that they will make sure that this platform works flawlessly or that the information published via it is precise, accurate or true-to-life. We are not answerable for any financial losses, health harm or other negative consequences related to any mistakes, inaccuracies, technical problems or bugs.

We are not going to guarantee that this website will work correctly and uninterruptedly or that we will restore its operation in case of an outage, a technical fault or any other problem. We may introduce some improvements if it is needed for the sake of our company, but we are not supposed or obliged to.

We can block access for all the clients and viewers or only some of them at any moment without informing or warning. We can also limit or refuse access to some functions or pages at our own judgement and convenience.

Besides, we cannot ensure that any information is delivered, saved and stored correctly or is not deleted.

    1. The indispensable condition for placing orders is to register

First of all, as a new customer, you need to choose a login and a password, as well keep them safe and private. And you are the one to be answerable for any actions performed via your account either by you or by any third people, even if they have not got your consent or authorization. You are to inform us about any illegal use of your profile without any delays.

You will need to give some basic data about yourself and guarantee that it is precise and truthful. It will be needed for processing your requests and orders, as well as providing other services.

No doubt, we take proper care of the security and comfort of our users, so, all the personal information is treated in strict compliance with the current privacy policy of the company. You can get acquainted with it on the corresponding page. There is no need to worry about the security of the vulnerable data.

    1. We have set strict content usage rules, following them is a must

Both users and viewers are assumed to accept that, on this platform, there may be some information that may seem to be unacceptable or offensive. It is not a responsibility of our team to monitor or fix that problem.

You must also follow a range of limitations: It is forbidden to make public any materials or perform any actions that are illegal, unacceptable, vulgar or harmful. Also, you should never distribute any content that may prevent the normal work of the platform and services connected to it or make any negative impact on it.

You must not try to conceal the data about the origin of the content, which you deliver via our website, or falsify it in any way. Also, you should not try to hide any information about your relations with any people, businesses or entities.

You do not have the right to collect any data about any customers or visitors.

If you want to use any of the content belonging to us for any commercial purposes, you must contact us beforehand and receive our approval in a written form.

You are strictly prohibited to publish any materials that may put our company or personnel at the risk of being prosecuted by the law or may break any legal regulation, including, but not limited to those related to patenting, copywriting or commercial secrets.

    1. Our company cannot control any external businesses

There is a possibility that some third-party services or products can be advertised or distributed on or with the help of this platform. But we do not have any influence on the work or policy of any external companies, that is why we cannot take responsibility for any harm related to your use of any products or services offered by any outside businesses. So, when following a link to some external service, be sure to scrutinize their usage terms and privacy policy, since those can dramatically differ from ours. If you face any problems, please, turn to the administration of the corresponding website or to the corresponding manufacturer. We will not get involved in your communication or interaction with any external parties.

    1. You should secure us against any responsibility directly or indirectly caused by your actions

You should protect all the members of our team, our partners, representatives, advertisers or independent contractors from any claims that are associated with your actions, use of this platform, violation of these rules or the letter of the law.

    1. We reserve all our rights, including proprietary ones

When offering access to this service, we do not transfer or share any rights or licenses to anyone. We reserve all the copyrights, patents, trademarks and other proprietary rights, so, if you need to use any of our materials for any purposes, you must get our written consent in the first place. Otherwise, your actions will be considered to be illegal, and you will be prosecuted.

    1. One more compulsory requirement to all the clients and viewers is to adhere to the letter of the law

To get and keep access to this source, you must agree that any conflicts or arguments connected with your use of our online platform, products or services should be resolved in strict compliance with the local laws of the country, where our headquarters are located. You should also strictly stick to the laws of that country as a user of this website.

    1. We are not to blame for any harm related to the use or operation of this website

We are not answerable for any direct or indirect damages of any nature that result from or are associated with your use of the source or goods and services offered on it, the availability or unavailability of the online platform, unauthorized access to your personal information stored on it, its alteration or loss, conduct of any third parties on it or content by any third party that is made available through it, as well as other related factors.

Again, if you want to view any of our materials or use any of our services, you are demanded to fully accept the rules presented above, as well as the responsibility for all the consequences of the use of this platform. If you do not want to accept at least one of the conditions specified above, please, leave the website right away.

But, if you have any questions or doubts about these rules, feel free to turn to our consultant for extra explanations. There are several contact options available ― the online chat, email (write us to info@steroidssource.com), the contact form (it is located at https://steroidssource.com/contact/), Whatsapp and Telegram.

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