Clenbuterol 0.04mg ZPHC

Clenbuterol 0.04mg ZPHC


Manufacturer: ZPHC (Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd)

Active ingredient: Clenbuterol

Package: 100 pills

Dosage: 0.04mg

Identical names: Clen


Clenbuterol ZPHC, manufactured by ZPHC Pharmaceuticals, is a medication that promotes lean and dry muscle definition without belonging to the category of anabolic steroids. It exerts an impressive anabolic effect by stimulating the growth of lean muscles and preventing muscle loss during cutting cycles. Additionally, it has a complex fat-burning effect. Athletes often combine Clenbuterol ZPHC with steroids for their cutting cycles, with the popular choice being a stack with Stromba (Stanozolol).

Medical Uses

Doctors commonly prescribe Clenbuterol ZPHC to treat respiratory diseases, such as asthma, helping patients improve their breathing.

Sport Uses

Clenbuterol ZPHC is mostly safe for both male and female bodybuilders. Bodybuilders use It frequently during cutting cycles to achieve significant fat-burning effects without the need for strict diets. Instead, it boosts metabolism and calorie expenditure while converting triglycerides into free fatty acids. It also enhances muscle growth and aids in reducing excess water retention. Moreover, it provides athletes with increased strength, energy, and endurance.

Side Effects

Although severe side effects are rare based on available statistics, users should be aware of the potential risks, including increased heart rate, chest pains, trembling, anxiety, and sleep problems.


Clenbuterol ZPHC exhibits fat-burning, anabolic, and anti-catabolic properties.


To ensure the safe and effective use of this medication, it is strongly advised to consult a sports doctor who can develop a personalized course tailored to individual needs.

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